WP1 - Business Innovation, Regulation, and Dissemination

Far-reaching technological innovations like those of 4WARD can only be leveraged if their non-technical context is taken into account.

Therefore research in 4WARD on networking technologies for the Future Internet is accompanied by research on the context of its intended usage in order to ensure maximum impact. The Business Innovation, Regulation, and Dissemination (BIRD) WP covers all of those aspects that are important in all WPs. It focuses especially on society, business, and governance issues and ensures that their respective requirements are properly addressed by all of these WPs’ technical solutions.

Various non-technical driving forces are analyzed to provide guidance to the technical research:

4WARD technical results will be disseminated in the context of non-technical drivers, to bridge the gap between innovative research results and utilization for benefit of the economy and the society at large.
Publishing the project’s results in international journals and presenting it at conferences and public workshops as well as the publication of a 4WARD book will ensure that the project’s results are disseminated to the relevant players.

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