WP2 - New Architecture Principles and Concepts (NewAPC)

WP2 New Architecture Concepts and Principles (NewAPC) explores a new approach to allow for a plurality and multitude of network architectures: the best network for each task, each device, each customer, and each technology. Unlike the multitude we had in the past, where different incompatible technologies were competing with each other, NewAPC is working on developing an architecture framework that will allow networks to bloom as a family of interoperable networks. Networks will coexist and complement each other, each of them addressing individual requirements such as mobility, QoS, security, resilience, wireless transport and energy-awareness.

NewAPC’s mission and objective is to develop an architecture framework through which it will be possible to derive a family of interoperable network architectures and through which prototyping and rapid development of network architectures will be fostered. The architecture framework will comprise models, building blocks, and a design process which can be used by the network architect in order to derive suited network architectures in a smooth, efficient and simple way. Therefore, guidelines need to be developed that govern the composition of functionalities, such as mobility, QoS and security according to the desired properties and that lead to that proper building blocks can be applied by the network architect. Furthermore, NewAPC will investigate the use of invariants ito ensure interoperability, consistency and coherency for the communication system as a whole.

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