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Work Package: The Project


The 4WARD Project

4WARD’s Strategic Objective

4WARD aims to increase the competitiveness of the European networking industry and to improve the quality of life for European citizens by creating a family of dependable and interoperable networks providing direct and ubiquitous access to information.

These future wireless and wireline networks will be designed to be readily adaptable to current and future needs, at acceptable cost. 4WARD’s goal is to make the development of networks and networked applications faster and easier, leading to both more advanced and more affordable communication services.

Technical Approach

In our approach, we combine on one hand innovations needed to improve the operation of any single network architecture and on the other hand multiple different and specialised network architectures that are made to work together in an overall framework.
We will work

  • on innovations overcoming the shortcomings of current communication networks like the Internet
  • in a framework that allows the coexistence, inter-operability, and complementarity of several network architectures
  • in an integrated fashion, avoiding pitfalls like the current Internet’s “patch on a patch” approach.

This work is structured into six work packages: three of them consider innovations for a single network architecture, i.e., Generic Path, In-Network Management and the Network of Information, one work package studies the use of Virtualisation to allow multiple networking architectures to co-exist on the same infrastructure, another work package looks at the design and development of Interoperable Architectures, and finally one work package that ensures that all envisaged developments take proper account of essential Non-Technical Issues.

Project Organization

Project Facts

FP7 Project Reference: 216041
Start Date: 2008-01-01
Duration: 24 months
Project Cost: 23.25 million euro
Contract Type: Collaborative project (generic)
End Date: 2010-06-30
Project Status: Execution
Project Funding: 14.45 million euro

Strategic Advisory Group, SAG

The Strategic Adrivsory Group has been set up to provide the project with the long term vision and strategic advice it needs to be successful. It is staffed by members from the partner organisations who have expertise in the subject matter of the project but are not directly involved in its work.

Strategic Advisory Group responsibilities:

It provides guidelines for the long term technical direction of the project
It reports to the Board, and the recommendations it makes are taken into account by the PMT.

Strategic Advisory Group members:

Olle Viktorsson, Ericsson
Adam Wolisz, TUB.
Staffan Truvé, SICS.
Heiner Stüttgen, NEC.
Werner Mohr, NSN.
Kurt Lösch, Alcatel-Lucent.
Roberto Kung, Orange France Telecom.
Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Rutgers University.

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