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NENA - A Netlet-based Node Architecture

The Node Architecture prototype published as open source project

NENA stands for “Netlet-based Node Architecture” and is a proposal for the design of a network node that can participate in many different networks with many different networking protocols and architectures.
Applications using this node architecture for communicating across networks may do so without needing any knowledge about the actual protocol that is used.

In addition, NENA eases the development and deployment of new protocols in providing the abstraction of Netlets, which can be seen as containers for protocols or complete protocol stacks. Several Netlets can be used concurrently, and a selection of an appropriate Netlet will be done by NENA based on communication requirements formulated by an application.

All information is accessible at NENA homepage.

Component Based Architecture Network Stack, CBA

The CBA prototype published as open source

In essence, the CBA prototype consists of a fully functional componentised IPv4 network stack and the ancillary supporting infrastructure.
The network stack is implemented as a set of software components. These components are then deployed as an OSGi based application within an application server (Spring DM Server).
The CBA network stack applications function as completely independent and isolated virtual nodes.
Further components (e.g. traffic generators) can be added into the OSGi applications which then use the CBA stack to perform the inter-node network communication.

All information is accessible from here.

NetInf goes live

NetInf prototype published as open source project:

All information accessible at NetInf homepage

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