Going 4WARD Newsletter issue #8

The 4WARD Newsletter, Issue 8 is now available! It will give readers insight in the current events of the project, as well as information on what we’ve done since the last issue. Please follow the link to the News section.

3rd BIRD Workshop 2010

Slides are online

Please see the Events section for further Information about the BIRD-Workshop.

2nd BIRD Workshop 2009 - Workshop on Future Internet

Slides are online

Please see the Events section to download the sildes of our workshop.

4WARD White Paper: First project-wide assessment on non-technical drivers

A new white paper based on deliverable D-1.1 is available for download in the Publications section. Happy reading!

4WARD News mailing list

It is now possible to subscribe to the 4WARD News mailing list! The list members will receive the 4WARD Newsletter directly to their inbox as well as other 4WARD announcements, e.g. links to white papers. Please see the News section to subscribe!

Future Content Networks Position paper published

Within the Future Internet Assembly a number of European projects from both the networks research and content research areas gathered together and sketched the vision of “Future Content networks” in a joint position paper. The architecture and propositions for realisation are fully inline with 4WARD’s Networking of Information approach.
Please find the full paper at the following link.

Workshop results

The 4WARD Workshop “Business Innovation and Regulation Challenges 2008” was held in Brussels the 2nd of October with speakers from industry, operators, universities, as well as public authorities and covered technical and non-technical areas. The presentations are now available for downloading in the Events section.

Addressing Architecture and Design for the Future Internet

The need for structural changes in the Internet is becoming increasingly evident. 4WARD is combining a set of radical architectural approaches building on a strong mobile and wireless background to design inter-operable and complementary families of network architectures.

4WARD is a project in the European 7th Framework Program Call 1 and partly funded by EU
It belongs to Objective ICT-2007-1.1 “Network of the Future” and started January 2008, with a first phase of 2 Years. The total size is 23.2 million euro corresponding to approximately 180 person-years.

4WARD’s answer to the Future Internet challenge

Today’s network architectures are stifling innovation, restricting it mostly to the application level, while the need for structural change is increasingly evident. The absence of adequate facilities to design, optimize and interoperate new networks currently forces a convergence to an architecture that is suboptimal for many applications, and that cannot support innovations within itself, the Internet. We have reached a critical point in the impressive development cycle of the Internet that now requires a major change.

4WARD overcomes this impasse through a set of radical architectural approaches built on our strong mobile and wireless background. We improve our ability to design inter-operable and complementary families of network architectures. We enable the co-existence of multiple networks on common platforms through carrier-grade virtualization of networking resources. We enhance the utility of networks by making them self-managing. We increase their robustness and efficiency by leveraging diversity. Finally we improve application support by a new information-centric paradigm in place of the old host-centric approach. These solutions will embrace the full range of technologies, from fibre backbones to wireless and sensor networks.

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